Tracfone Promo Codes Updated – Feb 2013

by Author on February 14, 2013

For the current TracFone Promotional Code database, click here.

I updated the list of codes on Feb 11th. It has been nearly 5 (yes, FIVE!) years since I first started publishing the bonus codes, and this is without a doubt the saddest time for TracFone Promo codes during that time. The codes that I’ve been collecting and curating seem to be dying off slowly in recent months, and there haven’t been many new ones popping up to take their place. For the last month, I’ve found just one lonely new addition to the list:

  • 52822 for 40 bonus minutes on a One Year – 400 -minute card

Meanwhile, I’ve officially moved a bunch more to “expired” status. If you have to add minutes any time soon, it might be worth taking a chance on some of the codes that are marked as expired – sometimes they spring back to life, and it’s also possible that I’ve made a mistake. But in all likelihood, you’ll have to settle for an amount of “bonus minutes” that is lower than what you are used to.

Perhaps this is TracFone’s way of pushing us toward a new phone with Triple Minutes for Life (my Samsung s425g is growing on me, and the LG 840g looks like a winner as well), but for those of us that have spent the last decade or more chasing after the ultimate bonus code, this is a sad day.