TracFone Promo Codes – Updated

by pbushx2 on December 1, 2011

On November 29th, I updated the old TracFone list of codes at I didn’t find much to change, but did add a few new codes to the list. A couple of them are pretty good. Here’s the list of new codes:

  • 98456 for 40 bonus minutes on a 60-minute card
  • 58324 for 60 bonus minutes on a 120-minute card
  • 32210 for 20 bonus minutes on a 120-minute card

Here’s a link to the full list of codes. Hopefully this list will be helpful for those of you that add minutes to your phone at the end of each year, or for anyone buying a new TracFone as a gift this year. I will also be updating the list in a few weeks to make sure it’s completely up-to-date for the givers and recipients of new TracFones and airtime cards.

Additionally, I want to let you know that I will be re-focusing on phone reviews soon here. Lately I’ve been very distracted with other projects, but there is a lot changing in the pay-as-you-go phone world so I want to stay on top of it. I’m just getting started with my LG 511c review, but I’ll also be taking a look at the newest Android handsets from Net10, Straight Talk, and Virgin Mobile.