TracFone Promo Code Update – September, 2011

by pbushx2 on September 16, 2011

First I need to apologize for the “About Us” email that went out yesterday. I was setting up some new pages on the site and didn’t mean for it to go out as a new post, but realized the problem to late. I hope I didn’t confuse anyone with that!

Anyway, I did some updating of the Tracfone Promo code list earlier this week, and I’ve added those codes to the list.¬†For the current TracFone Promotional Code database, click here.
Here is a list of the (few) codes I added:

  • 70826 for 60 bonus minutes on a 120-minute card
  • 23683 for 40 bonus minutes on a 200-minute card
  • 24332 for 200 bonus minutes on a 400-minute, one year card

I’ve also received a lot of requests lately for codes that will give a discount when buying a phone from TracFone, Net10, or Straight Talk. Unfortunately, all the older codes that I’ve used earlier this year are apparently expired, and I haven’t found any new ones lately. But if I do find new ones, I will added them to the list.

Finally, I need to apologize for allowing the promo code list to become so cluttered with expired codes. I will clean it up before next month’s update, if not sooner. Thanks for your patience!