Samsung Galaxy Proclaim – Prepaid Smart Phone on VERIZON Network!

by pbushx2 on May 8, 2012

Wow, this is huge news for many, many loyal TracFone/Net10/Straight Talk customers. One of the most frequent complaints I hear from customers of these companies is that they have quite a poor selection of phones that run on the Verizon Network. It’s only one, but now those people finally have the option of a true prepaid smart phone to use and still get Verizon coverage.

The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is an Android device now available (for pre-order, shipping in 1-2 weeks) from both Net10 and Straight Talk for $179.99. To see for yourself, go to or, and enter ZIP code 54747, which is an area with only Verizon coverage.

While this looks to be an entry-level device as far as Android phones go, I expect it to be a very popular phone since so many people have waited for so long to get something like this that uses the Verizon network.

Here’s a look at some of the specs:

  • 3.2″ HVGA capacitive touch screen
  • 1 GHz processor
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Swype text input
  • speech to text
  • 3MP camera with video recording
  • Gravity Sensor / Tilt & Shake
  • TouchWiz 3.0 UI
  • Includes 2GB microSD card

Coincidentally, Verizon themselves recently unveiled a no-contract smartphone plan, and the first phone there looks like a twin of the Samsung Galaxy Illusion.┬áThe big difference is that if you go directly from Verizon, you’ll pay $80 a month, while with Straight Talk or Net10 you’ll pay $45 or $50, respectively.

The Proclaim, then, seems like a great deal on its face, but it’s worth pointing out that other users of Straight Talk’s “unlimited” plan (on the AT&T network) have run up against some pretty hard limits. It seems that Striaght Talk has developed a habit of shutting down user accounts if they exceed that 2 GB monthly limit, or a limit of approximately 100 mb per day. If you’re not aware of the data your phone is using, it could be easy for a first-time smartphone user to blow through these limits.

Still, if you are in one of the many areas in the U.S. where Verizon is your only viable carrier, and you want a prepaid smart phone, this seems like a very appealing choice. I’d just caution you to use an app like “3G Watchdog” to keep tabs on how much data you are using. Make use of WiFi when it’s available to you, and use the Androd “settings” menu to turn off 3G data when you don’t need it, just to be on the safe side and keep your data usage down.

I lately haven’t been reviewing every new phone as it comes out, but I’ll definitely be taking a look at this one and running some tests to see how it works for me. I’ll be posting a video as soon as I get the phone in my hands, hopefully toward the end of next week. If you want to follow along with my review, I’ll be posting the occasional update here on, but I’ll be posting the bulk of my info at (this is a brand new domain, so nothing is posted there just yet).

In the mean time, you might want to take a look at these links to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim: