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by pbushx2 on March 22, 2012

First, I want to apologize for being so “absent” from the blog lately. I have several other projects going on and they are taking up a lot of my time lately. But I did want to pass along a deal that I’ve heard about it.

If you are considering Net10’s LG Optimus Net, I think this will be a better option for you. Best Buy is currently selling the LG Optimus V, which is very much like the “Net,” for $79.99, and that includes a month of service. That service will be on Virgin Mobile, and this phone can be used only with Virgin. However, the underlying coverage there is via the Sprint Network, which is the same as what you’d get if you were using a Net10 Android phone such as the Optimus Net or the Optimus Q.

The plan that is included with this phone (although you are free to switch plans after the first month, as far as I know) is the $35 monthly plan, which will get you unlimited text messages, e-mail, data and web, along with  300 Anytime Minutes. As long as 300 minutes is enough for you, this Virgin plan is a much better deal that Net10’s “unlimited everything” $50 plan, as well as Straight Talk’s $45 unlimited option.

As I always recommend, please be sure you’ll be happy with Sprint’s coverage if you decide to take advantage of this deal. Also, as far as the phone itself – I have not tried the Optimus Q, but from what I can tell it’s very close  Optimus Net. I have been using the Net for a while now and am in the process of putting together that review. To sum it up, it has some flaws. I think it could make a fair first smart phone, but if you’re an experience smart phone user I think you’ll want to look elsewhere. But for $80 with the first month of service included, I would not hesitate to jump on this Virgin Mobile deal at Best Buy.

I don’t shop at Best Buy enough to know how this deal works with ordering online for delivery, but I think it will work with in-store pickup. To do that or to check out the phone, you can use this link and enter “1879739” in the search bar. That link will show the regular price of $129.99, but in-store the price will correctly show the sale price. This deal is valid only through this Saturday, March 24th.

Here’s a screenshot of the online ad. (Ignore the location information – it is nationwide.)

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Mind the Rant March 22, 2012 at 4:10 pm

Hi Prepaid Phone Guy —

Thanks for the intelligence on the LG Optimus V from Virgin Mobile. As a longtime Optimus V user (I bought mine a year ago for $149 at Radio Shack), I can attest that this $79.99 deal is pretty good. However, there’s one important restriction you failed to mention: tomorrow, 3/23/12, Virgin Mobile will roll out a 2.5GB-per-month data cap on the “unlimited” plan you discuss in this post. So while it’s true that you get a lot for $35/month, it’s not quite true that you’ll enjoy unlimited data — or at least you won’t as of tomorrow. On the other hand, I’ve been using the Onavo Android app to measure my data usage and so far it appears that 2.5GB is a pretty decent limit. Much depends on how much texting and/or web surfing you do with a Wi-Fi connection … when you’re out in the wild connecting only via cell towers, data usage adds up much more quickly. Luckily, Onavo warns you when you’re using apps that are data hogs. You can even have Onavo configure your phone so that data hog apps work only via Wi-Fi. Bottom line: we’re all going to need data use measuring apps soon — the days of “unlimited” data plans are numbered.


pbushx2 April 2, 2012 at 12:46 pm

Sorry for the error on that. I need to follow the Virgin Mobile news more closely. Thanks for calling it to my attention.


Mike Nassour March 22, 2012 at 11:28 pm

Something to remember…”Sprint coverage” is not necessarily what you may get with a Sprint phone. The native Sprint network, what all Virgin Mobile phones use, is substantially smaller than what a true Sprint phone will use, as the Sprint phone may have access to roaming on Verizon towers without the user being aware of it. At least, that was my experience when going between Sprint and Virgin.

If you can live with that, and the stories I’ve heard that as far as data is concerned, Virgin is a poor stepsister to Sprint, then Virgin may indeed be the way to go.


Margaret March 22, 2012 at 11:55 pm

I just went to Best Buy Mobile in our mall today and bought this very phone except they did not tell me that I could have the 300 anytime minutes. Not sure that the 300 minutes would be enough, I bought the $45 plan. Looks like I better go back and ask if they forgot to tell me something. Thanks for all you do to help us save!!!


TMC March 25, 2012 at 6:45 pm

Yeah, the big problem with Sprint/Virgin mobile has been the very high cost of phones along with coverage. Metro PCS which has a similar network KILLS Sprint’s deals on phones.. you can get an ANDROID PHONE for about $20?!? Even if you use it as just and android device that is the record LOWEST price for a tablet phone in the industry. In the past, most SMART phones were not given plans that have limited minutes because you can use data/voip to do an end-run around buying unlimited voice. Best advice, stay on prepaid, there are smaller carriers vying for this below $50 prepaid segment and the deals will probably get better as Leap, Clearwire, Tmobile and others struggle to survive.


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