TracFone Moto E Deal

by pbushx2 on June 18, 2015

Here’s a quick post on a bundle deal on the Moto E for TracFone. Groupon is offering the Moto E, along with a one-year airtime card, a bluetooth speaker, and a car charger all for $99.99. There is also a promo code that may or may not save you an additional $15.

Whether you can get the discount code to work or not, this is a pretty solid deal. It matches the price offered by ShopCellDeals on eBay, and throws in a charger and bluetooth speaker to boot. The speaker alone has a list price of $47 on Amazon, and gets excellent reviews.

The Moto E remains one of my favorite TracFone devices. You could argue that it is getting a little long in the tooth, and indeed there may be more robust models in the TracFone lineup soon, but for now the Moto E one of the best available.

Here is a link to the Groupon deal. After you add the item to your cart and then click “Proceed to Checkout,” check the option next to “Use a promotion or gift code” and enter code “FAVE15.” This code did not work for me, so I do not know whether the code expired or perhaps is limited to first-time Groupon buyers.

Also, on a personal level, if you are not a Groupon member but decide to get in on this deal, I would be grateful if you sign up using my referral code. I would earn a commission if you sign up through this link and then buy something. Click here to sign up, and once you are logged in go back to the link above to find the specific item. Thanks!


New phones and deals

by pbushx2 on June 9, 2015

It has been another busy few weeks in TracFone news. Whether you are in the market for a good deal on airtime or a new phone, there are some developments that might interest you. One particular deal expires at  the end of the day on June 9th (the same day this post is being published), so you might want to check that out. That discount is for eBay, and also applies to other non-phone items. The eBay promo info is at the bottom of this post.

But first, the new phones: two new models have been spotted – the ZTE Zephyr Z752C, and the LG Power. Both are in the $80-$90 price range. However, either one may be hard to find at least for now, as each is available from only one online seller at this time. Both models have been available on Straight Talk for some time now, but are new to the TracFone market.

ZTE Zephyr for TracFone

TracFone ZTE Zephyr

The ZTE Zephyr is the first TracFone from ZTE in about a year. It is another Android 4.4 device with a 4″ screen, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, and 5.0 MP camera, using the Verizon network. The Zephyr is available from for $89.99.

The price and technical specs of the Zephyr put it along the lines of the Samsung Galaxy Stardust and possibly the Moto E. I have not been overly impressed with the other ZTE prepaid phones I’ve tested, having found shortcomings in build quality, durability, and wi-fi issues. Therefore, I probably will skip the ZTE Zephyr when it comes to trying out new devices. If you are interested in checking it out yourself, click here to find it on The online tutorial is also available here.

LG Power Android phone for TracFone

TracFone LG Power

The next new phone is a little more interesting to me – the LG Power. The TracFone version is available for$79.99, but currently only from eBay seller Shopcelldeals, who I recommend as a trustworthy and reputable prepaid phone seller.

The LG Power is on the larger side with a screen measuring 4.5 inches, just like the much-loved LG Utlimate 2. However, the quad-core (1.2 GHz) processor and Android 5.0 (lollipop) operating system differentiate the Power from all previous TracFone handsets. I’m not a big fan of the design, which has the home row of buttons on the screen itself. But I am interested in the latest and greatest Android OS version, so I may give the LG Power a look. Click here to view Shopcelldeals’ eBay listings for this device. You can also view the TracFone tutorial for this device here.

Discounts, Deals, and Promo Codes has put out more discount codes that apply to the purchase of new phones or phone plus airtime bundles. Code TFJ10OFFPH (exp 6/30/15) is good for a $10 discount on a phone or bundle order of $19.99-$49.99 from their website. TFJ15OFFPH gives $15 off orders over $49.99, and TFJ20OFFPH gives $20 off orders over $99.99. Click here to try out any of these codes on a new order. 

If you need airtime only, I’ll refer you back to Shopcelldeals. They are currently offering the TracFone 1-year, 400-minute card for just $79.99. (Click Here). This is $5 cheaper than their regular price, and $20 cheaper than what you’d pay in store or on Further, it can be combined with the next deal (the eBay code).

Finally, eBay is offering a great promotion, ending today (June 9th). If you make a $100 minimum purchase in the categories of Home & Garden, Sporting Goods, or Tech, you can save $15 with the coupon code “C15FATHERSDAY” at checkout. In order to qualify, you must checkout with PayPal. This seems like a good bet to combine with one or more of the above-mentioned offerings from Shopcelldeals. Click here to shop on eBay.

That’s all the news I’ve got for now. I know I’m overdue to publish my opinions on the LG Lucky and the Samsung Galaxy Stardust. I’m still planning to get those done. For now, please know that I like the Stardust a lot better than the Lucky, but I prefer the LG Ultimate 2 or the Moto E to either of them. I hope this might help some of you that are looking to buy right now. And if you want the Stardust, and happen to have a KMart nearby, they have the Stardust on sale for $49.99 through July 6th.


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TracFone Text Refill Cards Available Now

April 22, 2015

TracFone has corrected what may have been the biggest flaw in the bucket system, as they now sell an airtime card that only adds to your text message “bucket.” On their website, you can add 1000 text messages to your account for $10.00.

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LG Fuel Airtime Bundle – 60 Minute cards back in stock

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