TracFone & Straight Talk BYOP Deals and Discussions

by pbushx2 on February 26, 2016

I’ve had a lot of people asking me lately about what phone to use for TracFone’s or Straight Talk’s BYOP (bring your own phone) program, and it’s a really tough one to answer. The BYOP option allows just about any phone to be put on TracFone/Straight Talk service. So the possibilities are endless.

BYOP Deals

However, I have recently come across a couple of phones on eBay that are quite modern and at a good price. Part of the reason for the good pricing is that the successor of each model will be released in the next few weeks. But in my experience, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still get a few good years out of the “older” model, and in many cases these phones will be far superior to what is available directly from TracFone (at a price, of course).

Both of these deals are from an eBay seller with whom I have no personal experience. However, this seller deals in extremely high volume, with good feedback. They’ve had almost 10,000 positive feedback in the last 6 months, with just 21 negatives. And none of those negatives were on sales of phones. So here are the deals (both are listed as “limited quantity available” as I write this):

LG G4 for $299.99. My wife recently bought this phone and absolutely loves it. It’s a little too big for my tastes, but it has an excellent camera and beautiful high-resolution display. In this case, the seller will let you specify whether you’d like the Verizon- or AT&T compatible version, so you can pick which carrier will work best for your BYOP needs. Here is the link to the LG G4 on eBay.

Samsung Note 4 for $319.99. Once again, this one is too big for my tastes, but it seems that the people who have it absolutely love it. And once again, you’ll have your choice between Verizon and AT&T compatibility. Here’s the link for that item.

Future post – BYOP primer

And speaking of BYOP, it has been brought to my attention that somehow I’ve neglected to write a single, comprehensive post on TracFone BYOP. While I have a lot of information scattered around this blog in various posts and comments, I have not presented it i a cohesive manner anywhere. So I intend to change that, and I’m asking for your help.

If you are considering BYOP in the near future, please reply to this post to let me know what your biggest questions are. And if you have already activated your own BYOP device, and have some important info to share, let me know what tripped you up, or something you wish you had known going in.

At the same time, if you have no interest at all in BYOP, and prefer to keep things simply by purchasing only devices direct from TracFone, please let me know that as well. Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree with all this BYOP talk.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!


In my post last week (link), I told you about the messy situation happening with eBay seller shopcelldeals, and said I would provide an update on the situation as I learned more. This is that update. If you have never purchased from shopcelldeals, you may not need to keep reading this post.

In that last post, I recommended that, if you have any unused airtime pins purchased from this seller, you should try to redeem them ASAP. If the pins are then reported as invalid by TracFone, you should contact shopcelldeals.

This is exactly what I did last week. I am happy to report that shopcelldeals’ customer service has been very responsive. I had a total of seven unused pins, totaling over $600 of retail value. So obviously this was a big deal to me. They have already (within about 24 hours of my first contact, in fact) issued replacement pins for most of those, and I was already able to redeem one of the replacement pins.

Due mainly to delays on my part, I am still waiting for them to do replace for the remaining, smaller dollar value pins. In that case, they have requested that I send in the pin numbers that were reported as invalid. I am hopeful that, now that I’ve sent those pins, they will be replaced as well.

While this remains a sticky situation, I am pleased that shopcelldeals appears to be making a good-faith effort to fulfill their obligations to their buyers. I do not know all the details , but I think it’s safe to say that both shops all deals and TracFone share in the blame in creating this situation. The way that shopcelldeals is handling their side of the situation appears to be admirable.

At this time, I recommend taking a wait-and-see approach before purchasing anything from shopcelldeals again. However, I think their actions , at least in my case, are an encouraging sign that they will continue to be a reputable seller once they get this issue ironed out. 


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