Recently I have unintentionally been steering away from Straight Talk and Net10 on this blog, mainly because the addition of TracFone’s smart phone plans has captured my full attention. In the mean time, however, Straight Talk has steadily been adding [click to continue…]


One of my most popular recent posts was one where I compared the LG Optimus Dynamic II against the Samsung Galaxy Centura. Those were two of the three most popular TracFone smart phones that TracFone actually released. At that time, I declared the Dynamic II to be the hands-down winner. However, I had not yet tried the ZTE Valet, which remains among the three popular TracFone smart phones.

Since I already strongly believed the Dynamic II to be superior to the Centura, I needed only to compare the Valet with the Dynamic II to crown the winner among those three competitors. Although it’s been a long time coming, this is finally the article where I will do just that.

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Internet Telephone – Google Voice Changes

This topic is going to be a lot farther off-topic than I usually go, but with good reason. If you have used Google Voice at all, changes in the last few days may have left you without a way to access that service. And even if you haven’t used Google Voice, I’m going to suggest […]

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Alcatel 392G “The Big Easy Flip” Review

I have gotten away recently from reviewing feature phones, due to the excitement over the smart phone options from TracFone. I do have a couple of “plain old phones” to review, though, starting with the the A392g from Alcatel. The a392g was made for TracFone and Straight Talk. At the time of this publication, TracFone’s […]

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TracFone Iphone Arrives

For a LONG time now, I’ve been saying that I thought an iPhone running on TracFone’s pay-as-you-go plan would be great for some people, especially those like me who are near wifi 90% of the time. That day is finally here, with a few caveats.

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Important info: Heartbleed vulnerability on Android devices?

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’ve heard about the pervasive internet security issue called “Heartbleed.” You might not realize that this vulnerability also likely affects your mobile devices. I am not very good at understanding these issues, but this is a big deal. If you haven’t yet taken the time to […]

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Where to Buy the LG Optimus Dynamic II for TracFone

After I posted my LG Optimus Dynamic II review a few weeks ago, several questions remained on where to buy it. Apparently at about the same time that I posted the review, sold out of the Dynamic II (or removed it from their sales page for some other reason). For several weeks it was […]

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LG Optimus Dynamic II Review

After a few weeks with the new LG Optimus Dynamic II from TracFone (currently listed at $129.99 on, I have to say I’m very happy with it. I had previously used the Samsung Galaxy Centura for three months. Although I’m only a few weeks into my usage of the Dynamic II, I have to […]

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Samsung Galaxy Centura vs. LG Optimus Dynamic II

A TracFone Smart Phone comparison If you are considering a new TracFone smart phone in early 2014, the odds are good that you’ve narrowed your options down to two devices: the Samsung Galaxy Centura (click here for the full review), or the LG Optimus Dynamic II (full review coming soon). These are arguably the two […]

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Transferring to a TracFone Android (New Activation)

I have once previously activated a new TracFone smartphone, and that activation process was easy. However, that time I set it up with a brand new phone number, rather than transferring my number from an already-active phone. What follows here is an account of my experience with transferring an old number (and remaining minutes) to […]

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