HSN.com is currently offering a bundle deal on several TracFone smart phones. There are four devices available. Three of them – the LG Power, LG Ultimate 2, and Moto E  – are newer and listed at $85. [click to continue…]


TracFone.com Holiday Bargains

by pbushx2 on December 16, 2015

We’ve seen a lot of phone deals this Holiday season, but it’s taken a while for TracFone.com to finally jump in the game with anything meaningful. At the moment, they have a couple of deals that can be combined to get some decent prices on phones.

TracFone Phone and/or Airtime Bundle Deals

First, the deal that applies to all orders and requires no special code is their free shipping offer. Spend $19.99 or more from TracFone.com and you’ll get free overnight shipping. This deal expires 12/21/2015, guaranteeing delivery in time for Christmas. One thing that was unclear to me, though, is whether this offer applies to orders placed on December 21st (Monday). I think it probably runs through Monday, but if time is of the essence, you might want to get your order submitted on Sunday just to be on the safe side.

Next, TracFone promo code TFHOL20OFF will take $20 off your order of a phone, or phone/airtime bundle of $29.99. This offer runs through the end of the month. For this one, you’ll need to enter the code in the “promo code” box during checkout. Be careful with the code, as it has the letter “O” in two places, and the number “0” in one place (following the “2”).

There are a couple of reconditioned devices that will benefit from the discount. The Samsung Galaxy Stardust (Reconditioned) is offered for $49.99, while the Moto E (Reconditioned) is listed at $59.99. These reconditioned devices, it appears, must be purchased along with an airtime card – you must choose from among the new Smartphone-only airtime cards or the 60-minute basic card. You cannot purchase just the reconditioned phone.

Also, depending on what is offered in your zip code, the LG Ultimate 2 (new, NOT reconditioned) may be available for $49.99. And if you want just a basic, non-smart phone, the LG 305C or LG 306G are available for a base price of $29.99, resulting in a price of $29.99 after discount. With a new phone, it seems that TracFone will allow you to buy the phone on its own, without an airtime card.

TracFone Promo Code on Smartphone plansAnother possibility is the LG Fuel (reconditioned), which is listed for free when you buy an airtime card. If you want to get discounted airtime, you can add the Fuel to your cart and then choose the airtime of your choice, which will then qualify for the $20 off as long as the total price meets or exceeds $29.99. For example, buy the Fuel plus one of the new $35 smart phone cards (shown above) and your total will be just $15 plus tax. This is a good, low-cost way to extend your expiration date another 90 days.

Click here to visit TracFone.com and see what deals are currently available.

Lastly, a few important points. First, it appears to me that the Free Overnight Shipping offer is available, as long as the price before the discount was $19.99 or more. Next, the overnight shipping offer is via FedEx, and TracFone requires signature confirmation for delivery. Also, this coupon code is valid once per order. So if you want more than one phone, you’ll need to place multiple orders.

Finally, the usual disclaimer with orders from TracFone.com. TracFone reserves, and often exercises, the right to refuse your order if you have purchased but never activated multiple phones from them in the past. So if you have several never-activated phones laying around, you might get your order canceled.

One-Year Card

If you’d rather keep it simple and buy just a one-year, 400-minute card, you can use promo code 51995 when buying the airtime card, and you’ll save $15 off the regular price of $99.99.

I hope this helps some of you who are looking for a new phone or an airtime deal.


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