Below is my in-depth comparison of the three TracFone smart phones released in the fall of 2014: the LG Ultimate 2, the Motorola Moto E, and the Alcatel One Touch Pop Icon. My goal in doing this review was to be able to answer the question “What is the best TracFone?”

I ended up with a VERY long review written up here, but hopefully it will help some people making a tough decision among these three phones. Feel free to skip to the Conclusion at the end of the article, or wait a few more days until I have my comparison chart ready to publish.

I apologize for taking so long on this review. I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s been an interesting couple of months at home since I bought these three phones for review. [click to continue…]


I want to keep this really quick because it’s Christmas Eve, and I have family stuff to get to. Please forgive me if I leave out some important details.

[NOTE: This promo code apparently expired on January 4th, 2015]

There is a very interesting deal going on for Straight Talk airtime right now. Coupon code STWB20OFF will get you a discount of $20 per item on certain items. This includes the Straight Talk Sim kits, which come with a Sim card of your choice and the first month of airtime on an unlimited plan. The airtime alone has a value of $45. The coupon code will bring the price down to $25 plus tax. What really makes this deal work is that the airtime card can be applied to any Straight Talk line – it is NOT restricted to use with the SIM card that comes in the kit you purchase.

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I have not tried personally but I believe it is possible to place more than one order, with each order containing up to five kits. However I would not recommend purchasing over 12 kits as I believe there may be a one-year expiration date on these airtime cards.

Also, disclaimer – I have no knowledge of when or if this code expires.

To get in on this deal, click here and find the Sim card kits by doing the following:

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Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!


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