Just as I am in the middle of putting the finishing touches on my TracFone LG Optimus Fuel Review, TracFone has released two more Android phones, and they are both pretty interesting. The first, the Alcatel Onetouch Pop Icon, is offered at a retail price on TracFone’s website of $149.99. Next, the LG Ultima 2 is listed at $129.99, or the same price currently offered for the LG Dynamic II (NOTE: scroll to the end of this post for another deal on the Ultima 2)Either of these devices appears at first glance to be a major upgrade over previous offerings.  [click to continue…]


The LG Optimus Fuel, also known as the LG L34C, is a new phone that was just recently released for TracFone. This newest offering of TracFone’s Android line appears to be, by most measures, the most capable phone yet offered by TracFone directly. [click to continue…]


TracFone News – Fall 2014

I have three bits of TracFone news, each of which is fairly significant, but maybe not enough to warrant a post on it’s own. So here I’m going to combine the three topics into a single post. Here’s a summary before I get into the details: Significant TracFone policy change – combining airtime This is […]

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LG Optimus Dynamic II bundle from HSN

I just wanted to give everyone a quick heads-up that the LG Optimus Dynamic II is on sale at HSN right now, bundled with a few other goodies. To find the deal, click here, then search for item “374-624.” I don’t know how long this deal will last, so you might want to check it […]

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Possible Big Change for TracFone

I have recently become aware of some potential developments that might affect TracFone’s BYOP program, or even the phones offered directly by the company. At this point, it seems very speculative, but if it turns out to be true it would mark a huge change for TracFone users, so I have decided to throw in my two cents […]

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Straight Talk Adds Services

Recently I have unintentionally been steering away from Straight Talk and Net10 on this blog, mainly because the addition of TracFone’s smart phone plans has captured my full attention. In the mean time, however, Straight Talk has steadily been adding

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Phone Review: ZTE Valet vs. LG Optimus Dynamic II

One of my most popular recent posts was one where I compared the LG Optimus Dynamic II against the Samsung Galaxy Centura. Those were two of the three most popular TracFone smart phones that TracFone actually released. At that time, I declared the Dynamic II to be the hands-down winner. However, I had not yet […]

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Internet Telephone – Google Voice Changes

This topic is going to be a lot farther off-topic than I usually go, but with good reason. If you have used Google Voice at all, changes in the last few days may have left you without a way to access that service. And even if you haven’t used Google Voice, I’m going to suggest […]

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Alcatel 392G “The Big Easy Flip” Review

I have gotten away recently from reviewing feature phones, due to the excitement over the smart phone options from TracFone. I do have a couple of “plain old phones” to review, though, starting with the the A392g from Alcatel. The a392g was made for TracFone and Straight Talk. At the time of this publication, TracFone’s […]

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TracFone Iphone Arrives

For a LONG time now, I’ve been saying that I thought an iPhone running on TracFone’s pay-as-you-go plan would be great for some people, especially those like me who are near wifi 90% of the time. That day is finally here, with a few caveats.

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