As promised, here’s a quick recap of the Black Friday phone deals that I feel are relevant to TracFone/Net10/Straight Talk users (and maybe just a few others). Actually it will be a very quick summary, since someone on the Fatwallet “Hot Deals” forum has already done an excellent job of aggregating phone deals into one place. He deserves many kudos for his work. So rather than reinvent the wheel, I’ll link to that forum thread. But I will also highlight a few deals that I feel are particularly relevant.

First, I’ll start with the forum link, here on Fatwallet. The poster there shared many variables about each phone, including price, store, carrier, OS version, and tech specs. He also has it organized into a color-coded spreadsheet. I couldn’t find a link to the actual spreadsheet file, which would make it sortable, but here’s the screenshot.

Next, it is worth noting once again that the BYOP plans will open up your options a lot more. Many of these phones are listed for a particular carrier, but will also work on the TracFone/Net10/Straight Talk BYOP plan. I can’t give specific advice for each and every phone, but it’s good general advice to do your homework on what phones work with what plans, and know the return policy for any devices you buy in case your plan for BYOP doesn’t work. But in many cases, I believe that you should be able to use a new phone with your existing BYOP (or other 4G phone) by simply swapping in the SIM cards. How this will impact the resale-abiltiy of your previous phone will require some additional research.

That said, here’s what I’m watching. The item numbers below refer to the # in the list of the forum thread (Link, once again):

#8 – Moto E (Verizon) for $9.99 from Best Buy. I believe this would be a good option on BYOP plans. If I can get one, I might grab it just to have as a backup. At this price, it is also a good option for a basic mini-tablet to be used on WiFi around the home.

#9 – Moto E (Boost Mobile) for $29.99 from Target – I’m thinking this might be a good phone to have on the RingPlus plan I mentioned in my last post.

There are other potential BYOP phones listed on the original post, but these are the deals that jumped out at me.

And now, moving on to the brand-specific devices. Here’s what’s on the list for TracFone, Net10 and Straight Talk:

List # Device Price Store
26 LG Lucky $10 Shopko
27 Alcatel Pixi Glitz $1 Dollar General
* LG Lucky/Sunset $10 Walmart
* Alcatel Pixi Pulsar $5 Family Dollar

You’ll see in the list above that I have a couple of TracFone deals that were not on the Fatwallet forum post. These are not specifically Black Friday deals as they are available now. First is the LG Lucky (Verizon 3G) or LG Sunrise (AT&T/T-Mo 3G), available from Walmart for $9.82. Both of these phones debuted in the spring of 2015, and went quickly to clearance. I’m not a huge fan of the device itself, but this is a fair price to say the least, for something that will get you up and running quickly on TracFone service. You can find those phones on Walmart’s site by clicking here.

The second “available now” TracFone deal is the Alcatel OneTouch Pixi Pulsar from Family Dollar for $5. I don’t know much about this phone. It seems to have the same specs as the Pixi Glitz ($1 Black Friday deal at Dollar General), but the Pulsar has a larger screen – 4.0” on the Pulsar vs. 3.5” on the Glitz. That said, the specs don’t look particularly impressive on either phone. Probably fair for the price, and fine for a basic smart phone for those who don’t use a lot of apps. Both devices will use GSM (AT&T/T-Mo) networks.

List # Device Price Store
1 Samsung Galaxy S5 $229 Walmart
6 Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime $49 Walmart
15 LG Sunset $25 Walmart

Nothing especially remarkable here, just some basic Net10 phones for pretty low prices. I have not used the ZTE Paragon, nor am I big fan of ZTE products that I’ve used previously, but once again for $5 this one might be worth a try. The Pop Icon and Dynamic II are both growing long in the tooth, having been available for over a year now. The LG Destiny looks like a decent option for an inexpensive Lollipop device, although it also is limited to 3G connectivity.

Straight Talk
List # Device Price Store
16 LG Destiny $30 Meijer
21 Alcatel Pop Icon $29 Dollar General
24 ZTE Paragon $5 Best Buy
25 ZTE Paragon $5 Kmart
30 LG Dynamic II $20 Shopko

I think any of these Straight Talk phones is a good option for the price. The S5 is a true high-end phone, despite being last year’s model. It has excellent specs and, being a mainstream flagship phone, will be well-supported for several years to come. The Samsung Prime and LG Sunset are both nicely spec’d devices for the price.

I hope this helps, and happy shopping!

Also, if you are doing any shopping at Amazon or eBay for the Holiday season, I’d appreciate it greatly if you’d use my affiliate links. If you go through these links, it won’t cost you any extra, and it will earn me a small kickback. Thanks for your support! Just click one of the links below to start your shopping (or at any point before you check out).

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